DSC00760Convergence is an interesting concept. In life, when various aspects come together and create something new, it can be very satisfying. I feel this is currently happening in my life, as the right people and circumstances are introduced at the right time. At times, the significance is not understood immediately, or perhaps it is just an introduction of an idea so that I can begin getting used to it, and its meaning comes later. It makes life very interesting!

In nature, this also happens, particularly and perhaps most often with water finding its way to rivers, then lakes or oceans. I ran across this photo when searching my files for a suitable photo for a commissioned piece. It intrigued me because the lines seemed to converge, which brought me back to thinking about life, and how things converge. . .so I decided to explore this concept using this photo as a starting point.artpic46
This is the beginning of the painting, with plenty of color to be skimmed over later with the palette knife. This represents our life experiences that will color everything that comes after the experience, whether we realize it or not. The next photo shows the painting more developed, with lots of texture to be skimmed over again when this layer has set up, perhaps in a week or so. I’ll update you then!artpic47

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