This is a portrait I did for my son for Christmas, to document this stage in his life. He is a derrick hand in the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota, a job that requires one to climb up many feet in the air on steel derricks and perform tasks that, as a mother, I'd rather not hear about! I enjoyed painting … [Read more...]

Painting Birches with Dassel Elementary Students


Oct. 2014 We had a great time with about 75 Dassel Elementary fourth graders in an Art Adventure set up by the Minneapolis Institute of Art. This program introduces students to classic works of art in the MIA through posters that we have been trained to discuss and present by docents at the Institute, and … [Read more...]



Convergence is an interesting concept. In life, when various aspects come together and create something new, it can be very satisfying. I feel this is currently happening in my life, as the right people and circumstances are introduced at the right time. At times, the significance is not understood … [Read more...]

Painting at Gallery

auction piece

Here is the finished painting being auctioned off, and also me painting it. . . It was a great night. . more on that later:) … [Read more...]

Painting Night at the Gallery


Kelley Gallery Customer Appreciation Open House is a great time to watch artists paint, and perhaps get a painting from your favorite artist:) Here is a photo of the scene I painted last Sat night at Kelley Gallery. … [Read more...]

Dassel, Minnesota Paintout


Stalwart Dassel artists gathered at a Dassel,Minnesota farm in less than ideal conditions to paint billowy clouds and cornfields, accented with raindrops and finally sleet. . .Outdoor Painters of MN member Richard Abraham came out to instruct us, and in spite of the weather we had a good time, made some new … [Read more...]

New Event

We are having an outdoor painting class in Dassel! Richard Abraham, president of Outdoor Painters of MN is coming out to instruct us on Saturday, October 19. We will have a great time! Call the Dassel History center by Monday Oct. 7, to sign up. … [Read more...]

Crow River Inspiration

I precariously climbed down the roadside bank to photograph this scene, which was only glowing behind clouds. As I fumbled with my camera, which kept telling me "Memory card FULL!!", I hurriedly deleted a few more, and snappedĀ a few more, and deleted a few more, and THEN THE SUN BURST OUT IN BRILLIANT FIRE! … [Read more...]

Light and Color

painting of pine trees in gorgeous sun set

I am an artist enthralled by the light and color that I see in the natural world. I attempt to convert a scene or impression into a piece of art that will share that impression with the viewer. This piece reflects one of my favorite times of day, the evening. … [Read more...]

I Appreciate My Clients

Lynda Peterson Artist with Client

I completed this commissioned oil painting for Lisa, a Kelley Gallery client. Below, you see the piece in Lisa's home with a beautiful frame made by the Kelley Frame Shop. Lisa is a pleasure to work with, and we may work together again :) … [Read more...]